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The Council’s Goals

As authorized under the Regional Planning Act of 1965, the Middle Rio Grande Development Council was established in 1970 to act as the Regional Planning Commission and Council of Governments for the Middle Rio Grande Planning Region.

Subsequently, the Council was designated an as Economic Development District by the U.S. Department of Commerce, to serve as the primary economic planning entity for its jurisdiction. In these capacities, the Council is composed of member municipal and county governments, independent school districts, and special purpose governmental districts. Its general mission is the planning and coordination of programs and efforts to improve the socio-economic condition of the region, the effectiveness of its public services, and the quality of life of its citizens. The specific terms of that mission, and the goals and objectives to be pursued are defined and determined by the actions of the Council’s member governments, acting as a Council, and through the actions of its Board of Directors.

Within the framework of its statutory authority the Council has, over the years, adopted the following goals for its collective efforts, beyond the goals outlined in each of its individual program plans, and reflected in its Annual Program of Work:

  • Improvement of the overall capacity of the region’s economy, and, thereby the economic opportunities available to its citizens;
  • Improvement of the skills and capacities of the region’s labor force, to insure its ability to capitalize on improved economic opportunities;
  • Improvement of the capacity of local governments and public service institutions to develop and deliver quality public and community services in support of the region’s development efforts;
  • Improvement of the quality of life for all of the region’s citizens, and particularly its elderly residents;
  • Elimination of unnecessary programmatic and administrative duplication in the delivery of public services in the region through operation of the Texas Review and Comments System.

Other goals, in the areas of Criminal Justice, Community Development, Human Resource Development, Elderly Services, Emergency Services, and Federal and State Program Coordination, have been added subsequently by the action of federal and atate authorities, and the ratification of the member governments.

The Council’s Objectives

In pursuit of these goals, the Council has adopted the following, by way of general objectives, over and above the specific program objectives for each individual program and operating division outlined in the Annual Program of Work:

  • Act as a forum for the development of regional consensus regarding local, state, national and international issues that relate to the accomplishment of the mission and Goals outlined above;
  • Articulate those consensus positions and defined regional interests in appropriate public and private forums at all levels;
  • Design, organize, seek funding for, and when deemed appropriate, operate and deliver, or oversee the delivery of, programs aimed at the achievements of the Mission and Goals of the Council;
  • Harmonize the diverse regional interests, and create and maintain a climate conducive to the definition of regional issues.

The Council’s Program of Work

The Council’s Program of Work, and the Budget allocation of the financial and staff resources required to carry it out, is developed and adopted annually by the Council, subject to amendment by the Board of Directors as conditions subsequently warrant. The current Work Program is outlined in the attached Program and Division Mission Statements.

The Middle Rio Grande Development Council – General Information


The Middle Rio Grande Development Council(MRGDC), a Council of Government (herein after called the Council), is a public entity composed of associated cities, counties, and special governmental districts. The Council serves a border region, which covers (9) nine counties and 14,253 square miles.

Local governments organized the council as a regional planning commission in 1970 under Chapter 391 local government code. Defined as a political subdivision of the state the council can plan, assist local governments, and deliver public services, buy has no power to tax or to police.

State law requires that the governing body of the Council be composed primarily of local government elected officials.


The general purpose of the Council is to plan for the unified, far-reaching development of the region, eliminate duplication of services, and promote economy and efficiency through coordination. The Council:

  • Organizes cooperative projects among local governments to save tax dollars;
  • Provides technical assistance to member local governments in economic development, grant applications, planning, management, and other areas;
  • Administers federal and state programs that benefit from regional cooperation;
  • Coordinates federal, state, and local projects or issues that cross the boundaries of individual local governments;
  • Plans for the orderly development of the region and for effective delivery of public services; and
  • Reviews and coordinates federal, state and local programs of regional significance.
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