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Middle Rio Grande Development Foundation  Areas of Giving

Under the terms of this charter, the Middle Rio Grande Development Foundation  can distribute grants only to qualified  public entities or 501 (c ) (3) charities serving the communities of the Middle Rio Grande nine county region that is comprised of Dimmit, Edwards, Kinney, La Salle, Maverick,  Real, Uvalde, Val Verde and Zavala Counties.  The foundation does not lend or donate money to individuals.

The MRGD  Foundation funds the areas of Charitable,  Educational,  and the Promotion of Social  Welfare, w ithin its three areas of giving, the foundation  has developed three initiatives,  the goals of which are to improve the educational  outcomes of the Middle Rio Grande region, and address the needs of t he poor and elderly and provide charitable assistance to community non for profit organizations.

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[The Term “Charitable” includes advancement of education. Advancement of Science and Lessening the Burdens of


The social fabric of communities is held strong through responsible leadership that balances the multitude of human needs in the areas of economic stability, public safety, community building, and environmental resources.

Through its grant making, The MRGD Foundation seeks to assist communities in developing leadership talent, promoting civic/public collaboration, and improving processes and infrastructures for delivery of services to all residents. It is also deeply committed to supporting environmental programs focused on preserving a sustainable supply of clean water, improving air quality, promoting sustainable energy, and developing a culture of public and political support for protecting environmental resources.


[The Term “Educational” include’s the (I) the instruction or training of the individual for the purpose of improving or developing his capabilities and (II) the instruction or the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the com m unity]

The correlation between quality of education and quality of life is undeniable. Early reading, experiential learning, tutoring, and mentoring programs improve life -long study skills and academic achievements. Knowledge empowers choices that influence our social and family environment, health and mental well- being, career and income, home and neighborhood, and community and world view.

The Middle Rio Grande Development Foundation recognizes that excellence in education extends to both sides of the desk. To ensure that the children of the Middle Rio Grande regions are prepared to meet and make their futures and to provide our state with the human capital needed to compete in a global economy, the MRGDF’s education grant making is targeted at helping students succeed in the early years and throughout K-16, improving poor performing schools, ensuring fewer dropouts, closing achievement gaps, and developing teachers and administrators necessary to meet these objectives. MRGDF supports community projects that address educational needs and educational opportunities.

 Social Welfare

[The Term “Promotional or Social welfare” includes bringing about civic betterment and social improvements , including

the economic development of these counties ]

In communities across the Middle Rio Grande Region, people faced with overwhelming challenges or times of personal or family crisis summon their courage to ask for help in making a positive change in their lives. To The Middle Rio Grande Development Foundation (MRGDF), there is no greater testament to the American spirit of giving than the everyday heroes who are there to answer their call.

Every grant made to nonprofit organizations and programs on the frontline of providing human services is an act of appreciation for their work in teachi ng valuable life and job skills, providing food or shelter, rendering aid and comfort, and offering hope for a better future. Through these organizations, we are making an investment in the character and strength of our communities, our state, and our nation for this and future generations.



The Middle Rio Grande Development Foundation exists to assist people and institutions of the Middle Rio Grande region improve  the quality and circumstance of life for themselves  and future generations.  Under the terms of its charter, the Foundation  can distribute grants only to qualified public entities or 501(c) (3) charities serving  the communities of people of Texas. The Foundation  does not lend or grant money to individuals.

Grants are made in 3 categories:

  • Charitable
  • Educational
  • Promotion of Social Welfare

The Foundation  provides  grants throughout  the MRGDF Region but tries to allocate between one-third and one-half  of its grant resources to organizations  helping those in other rural areas at the discretion of the Foundation  Committee. Requests of any amount are considered  within the limitations set by the Foundation  Committee. There are no application deadlines. Grant applications are accepted at any time and approved during each board of directors meeting every other month. Each organization  is limited to one application within a twelve-month period.  Applications are acknowledged within one week and are processed for review and approval by the Foundation Committee every two months.

No standard application form is required.   Applicants may submit a proposal in their own format following the

application guidelines set forth below.  They also may use the application form provided online, which are available on this site:

Please note that the Foundation  cannot guarantee  the confidentiality  of information  contained in electronic submittals .

The Foundation looks for one or more of the following conditions in an application:

  • Foundation  support  would be vital or catalytic to a proposed project’s success
  • The project is well planned  and the agency has the capacity to execute the plan
  • Financial support from other sources exists to ensure that the project will be implemented and continue after the grant period.  
  • It will expedite the review  process if between one-third  and one-half of the needed project funds have  been secured before  applying.

In general, grants are not made for purposes of:

  • Church or seminary construction
  • Underwriting fundraising  events
  • Annual fundraising  drives
  • Professional  conferences  and symposia unless directly related to our initiative areas
  • Out-of-state  travel expenses for performances  or competition
  • Support of single artistic events  or performances

Applications should include but may provide any other information:

  • Organization Contact Information – list of officers and contact information
  • Market and Customers – list what communities or special target groups will be served through this project
  • Project Description – a statement of need for the proposed project and a description of how it will address that need
  • Attachments– please attach any marketing materials created to promote project

MRGDF  staff is available  by phone or email to respond to inquiries at any time and may schedule pre -grant  interviews with applicants as time permits.

After receiving  an application, a face-to-face  meeting may be scheduled as needed.

Please send grant email correspondence to Nick Gallegos, Executive Director, at and postal correspondence  to:

Middle Rio Grande Development Foundation

307 W. Nopal St. Carrizo Springs, Texas 78834

Revised August 25, 2015 / MRGDF Committee